Chan & Maniac (Uptown) Release the “Birthday” MV

Last year, Chan made a surprise move when he debuted with the newly reincarnated Uptown with Swings & Maniac and founding member Chris. Well it was rumored that Swings had been kicked out of the group and sure enough he is not present for UPT’s latest album Surprise and the single “Birthday”.  The song is actually closet in style to the original Uptown from 1997, bringing that old school R&B sound back. It’s cool to see Chan & Maniac continue to pursue things in Korea although they’ve had lukewarm success at best so far.

Uptown is back with their 7th album entitled ‘Surprise!’. The group is now narrowed down to three members, Maniac, Chan, and Brownie. This is the title track entitled ‘Birthday’ which features comedian/singers ‘UV’.


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