New Shogunna MV for ‘City Life’

Shogunna released his new MV for the song ‘City Life’. The video itself isn’t exactly unique but it was shot in Korea and that in itself makes it worth mentioning.

It woulda been sweet if Chan stepped away from UPT for a sec and had a cameo but no dice. Either way, this is one of the best tracks I’ve heard from Sho from a while so I definitely recommend you peep it. My only minor complaint was that he repeated the outro so many friggin times haha.

5 thoughts on “New Shogunna MV for ‘City Life’

  1. by the way, Chan is too busy tap dancing around in his new sneakers than to do something real anymore…

    1. hahaha, yea im not gonna lie, i dont fully respect chan’s latest career moves but I can’t hate on the guy too much…

      as he said in lonely road “They gave William Hung a deal but passed on my demo?”

      snacky chan is just tryna eat

      of course he also did say “So fuck the fame and ranges I’m thinkin positive change”

      but what can ya do.

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