Tim Be Told EP ‘From The Inside’ available for pre-order

Faith inspired rock group Tim Be Told announced today that their upcoming EP ‘From the Inside’ is now available for preorder! They have a pretty decent feeling in the Virginia area, so those of you elsewhere should check em out and see whats up.

Read their myspace bulletin after the break.

Hello Friends,

We just returned from our first California tour and had an amazing time.  We hope to get back out to the West Coast soon!  We will be touring all summer long and you can check our tour dates at www.myspace.com/timbetold

In other news (drum roll please . . .), our new EP “From The Inside” is currently in print and is coming out later this month.  Since you all have been so patient, we want to offer you an exclusive chance to purchase it before the actual release date!  If you go to our online store (www.timbetold.com/store/preorder) and order the new EP, we will ship it to you as soon as we receive it!  The first 100 people to purchase it will have the option to receive an autographed copy.  We hope that you will enjoy it!

Keep on listening,


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