WTF: Uptown – 흑기사 (Black Knight) MV

So some of you may remember earlier this year when we reported Chan had joined the new reincarnation of the Korean group Uptown. They’ve dropped a couple singles and released some MV’s but a new fact was recently revealed last week about the MV for their debut single Black Knight.

In an interview, Christina Chung (who has worked with Chan in the past) revealed that she had an uncredited, impromptu cameo in the video. She stated that while visiting Korea, Chan asked her to come through the video set and hang out, but when she arrived she was immediately cast into one of the scenes of the video. Of course we had to watch the video back and look for her and guess what? Here she is:


It’s a humerous story but great to see friends helping each other out!

So for this Week’s Thursday Freebie we present you with the music video for download. Link is after the jump!

Download it HERE.

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