Sam Ock Releases New Single – ‘Storge’

Sam Ock‘s been real busy lately and he’s crafted another song called ‘Storge’. It’s a bit more rock oriented than some of his past releases and in the usual fashion he’s offered it up as a free DL.

Hello all, haven’t done a rock song in a while!

I wrote this last night, the night of Thanksgiving, 2009.

This song is called “Storge” (pronounced stor-gey). Storge is the greek word for affectionate love, like a parent towards their child. This song is about a parent trying to tell their child how much they love them, basically. I know I can relate to a lot of asian people in the fact that their parents were quite stoic (namely fathers) in regards to their children. I think this is because they’re trying to be the rock of the family, showing their love by their work, not so much their intimacy. In the same way, children don’t really see their parents as individual people with feelings and dreams, as much as a figure of example. Well, I know deep inside, everyone is longing to be compassionate towards another. I guess that’s the kind of gist I was going for in this song.

I really liked the instrumentation on this one but I thought the mixing was a bit rough. His vocals got drowned out occasionally. The writing, while great in concept, came off a bit trite to me. But that’s just my opinion. You can catch the lyrics after the jump.

When will you realize that Im human too
With my blood and my sweat Ill be invincible for you
Seeing your smile makes me walk so easy (bad grammar?!)
Seeing your happiness, well that makes mine

**Look through my hardened shell and see that I careI care!
With these hands Ill embrace you, my prodigal child

You call me out for holding you back
But I know what turns your soul to black
Forgive my admonishments, I just hope you wont,
That you wont walk down the same path as me

*Ill work, Ill give myself to you. So please hold on to me!

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