Seriously Interview w/ KoreanBeacon

KoreanBeacon got the chance to sit down w/ Seriously and do a short interview them, discussing how they came together as a band, what motivates them now, and what they believe it takes to be a success. It’s a pretty insightful interview, if not very subdued haha. Check it out and you’ll know what I mean. The energy level seemed a bit low.

How hard is it to be an all-Asian band trying to make it? Real hard! We met up with “Seriously” while they were touring through the northeast corridor and they shared with us their love for music and the sacrifices they made along the way. So how did 3 Korean guys and a Vietnamese dude from southern California come together to make a band? It all started when they assembled for the famed Kollaboration talent show and won it. They’ll readily admit to you that right before the concert, the music wasn’t sounding to harmonious but by the grace of God, it all came together and they quickly shot to fame in the Asian music scene.  Has it been easy for Josh, Philip, Nathan and Chris since Kollaboration?  Not necessarily but they continue to make music and pursue their heart’s passion and they hope to break through the multitude of barriers.  Meet the band “Seriously.” 

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