Sam Geunjin Kang x Wong Fu MV for ‘Red Light’ To Drop Dec 10th

Wong Fu has announced their newest music video for artist Sam Geunjin Kang is about ready for official release and will drop December 10th. The MV is for a song entitled ‘Red Light’ which you can hear on his Myspace.

Check out what Wong Fu had to say:

Next week we will be releasing a brand new music video!  You’ve heard us talk about Sam Geunjin Kang in the past, we shot it in July, premiered it at ISA in Sept, and showed it on tour the past 2 months…Finally we’re ready to release it to the world on December 10th! Next Thursday!We first met Sam in August of 2008 at a show. He personally really impressed me with his voice, style, and most of all, his lyrics. Yes, I think lyrics are the most important in any song. A lot of the stuff he rapped/sang about resonated with me, especially a particular song called “Dreams”, which actually moved me quite a bit and prompted me to think about my family. I go a bit more in depth about the song, but you can read that here.

We know that he’s not some YouTube celeb or got some crazy viral video, but I think that’s why we think this video project was pretty cool, because it is someone new that not a lotta people know, a good guy with a lotta talent, who we’re helping to showcase, and I think that’s exciting!

Can’t wait to see the video when it drops! Wong Fu is always on point.

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