WTF: Passion x Reena Lynn – My Boo Cover

Waddup a-Tunes!? It’s time for another Weekly Thursday Freebie and this time we’ve got a throwback acoustic performance from over 5 years ago. I remember seeing this years back, probably around 2004 when I was still in college. Passion and Reena Lynn do an awesome acoustic cover of the r&b hit “My Boo” by Usher & Alicia Keys.

They’ve covered it a number of times but the rendition above is my favorite one that I’ve heard or seen thus far. They definitely do the song justice with their smooth, stripped rendition.

So this week you can grab both the video and song! Neither video nor audio quality is the greatest but it isn’t terrible either. But I mean what do you expect of an audio rip from a video posted online in 2004!? Back then HD was just a dream to most. If you’re an audio/video-phile it may bug you but everyone should be able to enjoy this one =).

You know the deal, link after the jump!

Get it HERE.

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