Demo (of D-League) Interview w/ Asiance Magazine

Demo (of D-League) was recently interviewed by Asiance Magazine. If you ever wondered who Demo is and how he got started with music along with the formation of D-League then you should definitely check out this article. To refresh your memory, Demo’s been making noise with his recent remix of ‘Run This Town’.

One quote that stood out to me was this:

ASIANCE: What Asian artists do you follow?

Demo: Um honestly I don’t follow really any Asian artist out there because there really aren’t any Asian artist, well hip hop wise, MAKING a huge buzz. I just hope I can be that buzz for other Asian hip hop artist out there to follow.

Interested in more? Head on over to Asiance Mag or peep it after the jump for your convenience.

When some people hear the word D League their initial thought may be of the NBA’S D-League, but these two hold a league of their own. Demo and Uncut, the two members of D league, are South Florida’s newest rap duo. Far from the average and miles passed the ordinary, they are setting their sites for the majors, nothing less.

They have opened up local concerts throughout South Florida for artists such as Rick Ross, Chamillionaire, Young Dro, Trina and Lil’ Wayne, just to name a few. They have been spotlighted in Ozone Magazine, BET Notarized, BET The Deal,,,,Kaboom Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly, and the cover story of Nine5Four magazine. With musical depth and character to match, there is no wonder as to why D League is here to take center stage and show the next generation what it means to be “real.”

Their latest released mix tape “Makin Moves” is hosted by the infamous DJ Q45 of BET’s Rap City and their second installment “I Rep D League” hosted by Shadyville DJ Young Cee is out NOW!. D League continues their non-stop grind with their 3rd installment, “I Rep D League vol2” hosted by Mr. Southern Smoke himself, DJ Smallz. In a time of the recession these 2 artists really show you how to come up no matter the odds.

We were really drawn to Demo’s own Run This Town Remix. See our interview below!

ASIANCE: Tell us about your background. Were you born here? I know you are Vietnamese. Are both your parents Vietnames?

Demo: No. I was actually born in the Philippines but I moved to San Francisco two weeks later. Then eventually moved to South Florida when I was about 15. And yes both of my parents are Vietnamese.

ASIANCE: What made you get into music?

Demo: Well I liked hip hop music but it didn’t start until I met my best friend Uncut who is also in the group with me. He always played around with it and all my friends around me were into the music. I didn’t want to feel left out so I wrote a verse and it was history from there.

ASIANCE: Who are your influences?

Demo: The Moguls, the ones who make great music and have a great business mind set like Jay Z, 50 cent etc.

ASIANCE: How did D League come together?

Demo: Well its simple! We were best friends in high school so none of this was ever made up. We were boys in school and just decided we wanted to reach a common goal together and that was to make music. Uncut was the one who really got me into the music. He was always doing it so I decided to join him and I just guess I got really good at it! (laughs)

ASIANCE: What about the name? How did you come up with it?

Demo: Well it started in high school. We were just messing around with the music but a couple of our friends started to sell music and we thought, “Hey, we can do the same and make money at the same time.” In high school our name was called Dynamics but then Uncut’s older brother, Trace, just gave us the nickname D League. But we had a couple copyright issues with Dynamics so we stuck with D League.

ASIANCE: What made you decide to do a cover of “Run This Town”?

Demo: There’s a little message in the song because where I’m from a lot of the artists don’t support the local artist and if everyone doesn’t help each other then it just makes it harder for everyone. So I was just letting people know that if we came together as a city then everyone gets shine and everyone will be where they want to be with support other than just hate. I thought the only way they would hear me is if I put it in a song and I’ve gotten a lot of good responses from it.

ASIANCE: What Asian artists do you follow?

Demo: Um honestly I don’t follow really any Asian artist out there because there really aren’t any Asian artist, well hip hop wise, MAKING a huge buzz. I just hope I can be that buzz for other Asian hip hop artist out there to follow.

ASIANCE: Who would you love to collaborate with?

Demo: Besides the greatest rapper I know, Uncut, (laughs) honestly anyone who makes good music that the world loves and really loves my music. That’s all I can ask for.

ASIANCE: Do you have a girlfriend?

Demo: Currently no. I think relationships for me right now are too complicated. (laughs) I’d like to just focus on my music but having friends is always fun.(laughs)

ASIANCE: What do you look for in a woman?

Demo: I love laughter! If a woman can make me laugh, I know that she’s is beautiful inside and out because I’m a big goof ball myself lol

ASIANCE: What are your short term goals?

Demo: Making about 4 more videos to flood the net and building a solid team. When it’s time to get signed to a label all I would need is the MONEY and Distribution.

ASIANCE: What are your long term goals?

Demo: For D League to become known as one of the greatest groups to grace the earth with not just music but also business wise. For me, I would love to just give back to my country because I know they need it and hopefully I can provide that one day with my music.

ASIANCE: So anything else?

Demo: I just want to thank everyone over at Asiance Magazine just for giving me the opportunity. I also want to shout out Broward County and the city of Fort Lauderdale if you want to know more of me (Demo) and my group D League. You can go to and twitter Thanks again!

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