Illmind Releases ‘Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol. 4’

You may remember Illmind droping BR&L Vol. 3 back in July of this year but he’s back at it again, this time with a double disc release! You can tell the guy has been grinding hard as he’s put together 30 tracks with a whole slew of artists in cluding Mistah Fab, KRS-One, Buckshot, DJ Revolution, Skyzoo, Roscoe Umali, Strange Fruit Project, Hydroponikz, Jay Legaspi, and many more! Make sure you get the rest, cause it’s a free download. No excuses people.


(disc 1)
01 Thoth – Get Your Game Right (Produced by Illmind)
02 Clap Cognac – I’m Gonna Do It (Produced by Illmind)
03 Fortilive (!llmind, Mushmouf & Slo-Mo) – Gimme (Produced by Illmind)
04 Mistah Fab – Follow Me (Produced by Illmind)
05 Brooklyn Academy f_Fresh Jones & Keith Murray – Hide (Produced by Illmind)
06 Seer – Ill Mind (Produced by Illmind)
07 KNGDM – Gazillion (Produced by Illmind)
08 Krs-One & Buckshot f_DJ Revolution – Survival Skills (Produced by Illmind)
09 Contra – Fall Back (Produced by Illmind)
10 Skyzoo f_Big Pooh & Naledge (Kidz In The Hall) – Say What You Say (Produced by Illmind)
11 Verbal Kent f_Lance Ambu – Examples (Produced by Illmind)
12 Truck North – Hot! (Produced by Illmind)
13 BURNTmd f_Reef The Lost Cauze, Copywrite, Phil Da Agony, Reks – Let’s Get ILL (Produced by Illmind)
14 Naps N Dreds f_Thurstin Howl Da 3rd – Call It Quits (Produced by Illmind)
15 Roscoe Umali – Blow Your Mind (Produced by Illmind)

(disc 2)
01 D-Black – No Ordinary Love (Produced by Illmind)
02 Gliffics f_Chanj – Call Me Crazy (Produced by Illmind/Additional guitars by Maki)
03 Strange Fruit Project f_ Erykah Badu – Get Live (Produced by Illmind)
04 Jared Evan – They Don’t Know (Produced by Illmind)
05 Eric Roberson – Remember When (Exclusive Remix Produced by Illmind)
06 Daria Jones – Stay (Produced by Illmind)
07 Rae – So Sexy (Produced by Illmind)
08 Grynch – The Right Way (Produced by Illmind)
09 3D – If I Want To (Produced by Illmind)
10 Naeem Oba f_BrikAbrak – Julia (Produced by Illmind)
11 Hydroponikz f_Jay Legaspi – The Blues (Produced by Illmind)
12 Sleek – We Rock The Mic (Produced by Illmind)
13 Last Days Fam – What You Doin It For (Produced by Illmind)
14 Naturel – We Don’t Play (Produced by Illmind)
15 Black Irish – Kick Rocks (Produced by Illmind)

2 thoughts on “Illmind Releases ‘Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol. 4’

  1. double the pleasure dunn….2 disc set of classics….make sure u check out that “Kick Rocks” by ya homie Black Irish….holla at me……

  2. double the pleasure dunn….2 disc set of classics….make sure u check out that “Kick Rocks” by ya homie Black Irish….holla at me……

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