Dumbfoundead Rap Battle Turns Real?!?

dumbfoundead has been tweeting all day about a rap battle that had reportedly gone to far. I’m not entirely sure it’s real though, its tough to tell…

What do you guys think? Epic moment in battling history or a stunt?

Either way, dumb got the last laugh…

[edit] the more I watch it the more I think it’s all for fun. good stuff though. Dumb is a ninja assassin.

5 thoughts on “Dumbfoundead Rap Battle Turns Real?!?

  1. Yeah I saw the tweets and was waiting for the video… I was hoping for more of the battle so see all of what both parties said to each other.

    But dang! wow!! That was a really cool kick. It was a “what the f*&k” moment for sure…

    I dunno… i doubt it’s realness too… it looked a little too intimate to be a rap battle.

    But if it was real? He is a catch! He’d know how to protect his woman! lol


  2. Hard to tell when people are being sarcastic on the internet. If you think that kick’s real you’re retarded

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