Scott Yoshimoto x AJ Rafael x Cathy Nguyen x Andrew Garcia x Lydia Paek x Ramiele Malubay – ‘The Gift of Music MV’ Released

We told you it was coming, and now it’s finally hear just in time for Christmas week. It’s not so much a ‘Christmas’ song as it is a Holiday song as it’s very secular in theme. It’s also very, very cheesey but that doesn’t make it unenjoyable. Once you get over the fluffy bunny, rainbows and butterfly type of syrupy tone I think you’ll be able to appreciate the video and song for what it is, a collection of very talented Asian American artists wanting to spread some winter cheer.

The video theme of browsing a youtube page is pretty interesting, especially considering everyone except one of the artists (Ramiele Malubay) is a well known Youtube star (to varying degrees). It’s great to see them pay homage to the media that’s helped gather them so much attention. Speaking of Ramiele, it’s also good to hear from her since things have been a bit quiet since her run on American Idol a few years back. Lastly it was fun to see Lydia show just a little bit of her dancer roots.

Happy Holidays everyone.

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