Susie Suh Interviews w/ AATheory

Folk artist Susie Suh chatted it up with AATheory for a great interview. This is actually one of the first interviews I’ve ever seen for the well respected artist and it’s really cool to hear the personality behind the music. It’s an impromptu setting as they just talk in a dressing room but the cover a lot of good topics. Fun fact, she’s worked with Horan from the Korean electronica group Clazziquai.

The first time I heard Susie Suh’s voice, my jaw dropped in astonishment. I was beyond impressed and it took one verse to get me hooked. She’s been compared to the likes of Sarah Maclachlan and Fiona Apple and though those two are musical legends, I still place Miss Suh at the top of my list. Her songs are real, powerful, and moving and her stage presence is just as extraordinary. In person, she’s one of the most down-to-earth and intelligent musicians I’ve ever interviewed. I’m proud to present to you my favorite singer and Asian American musician in the entertainment business. Enjoy another installment of “EMT” with Susie Suh.

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