Passion Releases a Cover of ‘Great is thy Faithfulness’

Singer Passion has just released a cover of the hymn ‘Great is thy Faithfulness’ as a free download. He sings it beautifully and with a lot of heart. Passion seems to be a man who stands by his beliefs and I respect that. I imagine a lot of fans will be blessed by this release.

Here’s his explanation behind the cover:

This is one of my favorite hymns of all time. I know that we don’t all believe in the same things, but thing song means alot to me. An oldie but goodie. I hope you guys are blessed by this song.
I cannot take credit for majority of the pictures because I found them on the internet. But I wanted you to see some pictures of creation. The fact that sometimes we feel like our problems are SOOO BIG, but when we look at God’s faithfulness and when we look at all these beautiful things in the world, and we realize that we have a bigger God than our problems, that’s when we realize that we can trust in Him and know that things will be okay.

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