Clara Chung Releases Debut Single – “Fool’s Gold”

Clara Chung, a contestant in the upcoming Kollaboration event has just released her very first official single called “Fool’s Gold”. It’s a slow, almost haunting but beautifully arranged track, and she sounds great on it. I wouldn’t say it’s catchy but it’s still certainly a great listen. The instrumentation is great too.

-IT’S FINALLY HEEEERE!!! Presenting a live performance of Clara’s long-awaited original entitled “Fool’s Gold.” A studio-mixed recording (not the live performance recording) can be found below.

DOWNLOAD STUDIO-MIXED TRACK HERE (soon to be available on iTunes):………

1. I went through 3 1/2 sets of lyrics before I got to the final. I needed some time to let this song marinate and pinpoint exactly what it was supposed to be about.
2. This is my FIRST original to be available for purchase!
3. My favorite part is the last minute of the song. What’s yours?
4. Lyrics can be found here:…
5. When you download the track, you get to pay/donate however much you want for the track whether it’s $1 or $100!

Director: Lingie Park of Lumen Productions ( )
Accompaniment: Daniel Chae and Jimmy Lee of Feats In Inches
Written by: Clara

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