Hydroponikz Features on re:plus Track – Time Goes By

Check out the new MV for the song ‘Time Goes By’ by re:plus featuring Hydroponikz on the verses and Anika Hazel on the hook. It’s a beautifully arranged track but it’s too bad none of the artists are in the video (that I can tell anyways).

The track is off re:plus’s album Everlasting Truth, available on iTunes (Japan?) 3/3/10. The song actually reminds me a lot of the recent collab of Kero One and Anan Ryoko. Gorgeous instrumentation paired with smooth, laid back rhymes. These international collabos are killing it!

Lyrics after the break.

Verse 1 (Hydroponikz):

Writer’s block, sick of grippin’ on this damn pencil
Messin’ with this man’s mental. I need to take a break.
I got simple symptoms of a man, gentle
Stressing ’cause my fam’ miss you. I need to see your face
On the Grand Central, navigation telling’ me to drive slow
Thinkin’ about all of the places I roam and people in my home
I wanna know why they come and go
Why I’m getting all these thoughts the piano and the drum evoke
I’m reminded of the first time we spoke, how you loved the
First rhyme I wrote, except the curses, but you loved the jokes
How you told me nights I wasn’t actin’ right
Never letting me take some bad advice, we had our fights, but
It’s like your life was meant for you to be my mentor and my guardian
These feelings that I never want to enter in my heart again
Are seeping in, I’m weakened, I’m alive but I’m cold
I imagine you’re my passenger, reminisce on the road, back through time

Chorus (Anika):

Time, Time Goes By
Still I cry
Reminiscing ’bout you
And at night, I close my eyes
And ask why
I have to live without you. (In My Life)

Verse 2 (Hydroponikz):

First Michael Jackson passes, now every day I’m askin’
Why weren’t you able to stay?
Days are only kind of better, so I’m writing you this letter
Full of things I never got to say.
First and foremost I love you and that never changes
When you left, I couldn’t gauge it, the pain was outrageous
But now it’s kind of strange, you help me get through the days just
By thinking of your face and reminiscing through the pages
Everything I wrote and that I’m saying on them stages
I’m passionate, I hear your laugh again and little traces
Of your smile flicker through my closed eyes,
Wishin’ I could nose dive in your heart’s ocean and just float by,
Who knows why I feel the way that I do
I got more to say but I think that I’ll just save it for you
For that first day we meet again, the stories will be told
We’ll be drivin’ through our lives and reminisce on the road, back through time

Bridge (Anika):
Reminiscing on the better days, close my eyes and its like I can see your face
Grandpa always had a joke, I remember like it was yesterday
Last night when I fell asleep, I dreamed you were here right next to me.
We were young playing in the street, just kicking it old school like this beat (this beat)
Best friend always had my back, always real and Im really grateful for that
Good friends from back in the days, so no one can every, every take your place
Seems like all my inspiration is moving and leaving and passing on
Bright stars that inspire me, touch my life and next minute theyre gone

Hiroaki Watanabe(Pianist / Trackmaker / Sound Producer)
Kohei Sato(DJ / Sound Producer)

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