Scott Yoshimoto x Jason Chen Cover the Pokemon Theme Song

I think it’s an invaluable quality to be able to let loose and laugh at yourself sometimes. Scott and Jason decided to just that and make a completely rediculous but very entertaining video where they cover the Pokemon theme song. The Nintendo craze happened at a time where I had just passed the target age group so I was never that into the phenomenon but I still appreciate this video. The video has some impressive effects but it’s a shame neither tried to go for the glory note at the end though!

HAHAH wanted to do a cover of something not usually covered =] and rather than put up a video of us just singing it, we wanted to create something interesting to watch as well! So after a lot of cheesy dialogue & digging through old boxes to find my old gameboys, this is the result! Hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it

Once upon a time a friend and I did something similar as a joke but shh, don’t tell anyone.

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