News Quickies 9-24-10: “Just the Way You Are” Cover Edition

Soooo, this is getting a bit crazy. Bruno Mars has quickly become one of the most covered artists on Youtube. I log into Youtube and my subscription yields a ton of singers doing a rendition of one of his songs. I swear to you, it’s at least one new video every day. And most of them are of “Just the Way You Are”. Typically I would do a showdown, but it’s already been done for this song!

Instead of posting about each one I’ve decided to condense it into one post.

First we got David Choi singing and playing on the banjo (as he did for his FM cover).

Next is Traphik doing a parody . I thought it was pretty hilarious actually. He calls it “Only From Afar”.

Kina Grannis. This one is def one of my favorites.

Same song, this time by the dynamic twin duo Janice & Sonia.

Erin Paula throws in her rendition.

Lydia Jo

Olivia Thai

OK That’s enough. There are seriously too many to keep track of!

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