Passport: John Park (of American Idol Fame) Competes on Korea’s Superstar K

On the last season of American Idol, John Park stood out for his crooner voice and ability to nearly charm the pants off of Shania Twain. John made it to the live semi-finals where he quickly fell into the middle of the pack and was ultimately voted off due to his flat performances and poor song choices. Personally I thought he’d be just another singer who comes and goes from the public radar but it looks like he’s giving his singing career via reality TV another shot. Superstar K, which has a lot in common with The X Factor and American Idol, is a Korean singing competition now in it’s second season. It was a run away hit and John appeared during the audition show and is rumored to be in the final top 10. He decided to sing Alicia Key’s “If I Ain’t Got You” along with a cool rendition of the Wonder Girls’ “2 Different Tears“. Judging from his audition below, he still has some issues with stage presence and “star quality”, but as the female judges Lena Park & Tasha exclaim, he’s still got that charm. Tiger JK and Seo In Young are the other judges in this episode. Gotta love JK’s closing comment “You gotta show American Idol wassup man.”

*Note: mNet’s been taking these clips down from Youtube with a vengeance, so I tried a different host. I can’t promise the clip will be up forever.

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