Lil Crazed Releases “Living Lavish” MV

In this new MV from Lil Crazed shares a lot of on tour footage, mostly from his Kollaboration Tulsa performance. It’s all set to his track “Living Lavish” which is off his Chapter 2: Famine mixtape. This is definitely one of the stronger cuts off the album and I think it was a good choice to share his on the road footage as it proves a point that he’s grinding hard.

This song is one of my favorite songs I’ve ever done because it is so personal to me. Everything in this song holds truth. If it weren’t for the people stated in this song along with many others, there would not be a Lil Crazed. I was fortunate to work with an artist by the name of Ramzo. (K.i.D Cypher Round 3, Ramzo Cypher) This video contains footage of myself in one of my hotel rooms and from the Kollaboration show in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The song is featured on my Chapter 2: Famine mixtape and was also produced by Flash Beats.

Lyrics after the jump.

i don’t need a lotta money to feel rich,
i’ve got me my family, friends, and my kids,
some people may call it average,
but to me, it’s a dream, i’m living lavish

~first off, let me go and start this verse off,
about slim, if not for him, i’d be nerf soft,
before jay, my cousin taught me to brush the dirt off,
now i pass haters riding radio waves, surf off,
and now I’m a happy daddy, yup that’s right,
must’ve sneezed 2 times becuz i was blessed twice,
Alijah and Isaac don’t you ever worry,
the only time I’ll be away is at the cemetery,
and i’m the eldest son, i should’ve taught the best route,
but Dee and Ant, no matter where you go, i’m still proud,
and Dee you granted mama a wish and made her real happy,
gave us Carlee, the first girl in the family,
and Ant, u love life and know the true meanin’,
God took u but gave u back, u here for a reason,
and Mom and Dad bustin’ their back for the family sake,
but soon i’ll bring in the dough, you just make the pancakes

~so then, my uncle Soben stayed by me,
a year later we created what is K.i.D.
and shouts to DT, Brent, and Chris Graham,
cuz we on a roll now and threw away the kickstand,
and benjamin, you kept my head high when i needed,
when i’m puzzled, you always reunite the pieces,
and Shook i can never beat you in video games,
but you taught me life can be one so be careful how i play,
throughout life i’ve met a lotta ride or die dudes,
Sunny P reppin’ K.i.D. more than I do,
and Win wouldn’t let no one step on my shoes,
nicknamed him Win cuz he can’t stand to see me lose,
and to my very first room mate, Brady,
thanks for treating the kids like they were also your babies,
i can’t thank ya’ll enough for the care and help
but if i ever make it, trust me, i’ma share the wealth

~now baby mama i know that we had a lotta drama
but honest we made two of the most beautiful kids on the
face of the planet, and we gotta face it, damn it,
sometimes can’t stand each other but we’re strong enough to keep standing,
and Trixx, ya mom was nearly best friends with my mother,
so its safe to say you’re like a brother from another,
and Phlip, remember how you and i go back?
all the way to that first track, i call that throwbacc
Skip, remember spittin me ya first back then?
a few years later online starting dance trends,
and Eazy you always was with me through my downest days
from when we were dead broke and now we’re paid
Teddy always ready to be the big body guard
even if a bouncer in our face, he’d knock somebody out,
and to my babygirl, I love you, i hope you know,
that through the thorns, we’re still as beautiful as a Rose

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