WTF: Alexander Spit – Until Next Summer Mixtape

Here we go, another Weekly Thursdya Freebie! This one is a couple weeks old but in case you missed it Alexander Spit put out a send off of summer mixtape appropriately titled Until Next Summer. The mixtape is presented in conjunction with The Hundreds which I’m sure means a lot to some of you and nothing to others. I’ve been listening to the mixtape the past couple days and I gotta say it’s turning me into a solid A. Spit fan. There are 12 tracks in total. Catch the tracklist and download link after the break.

Source: 2db

Get it here.

1. He Said She Said
2. Our Time
3. Hella
4. Shades On feat. J-Billion & Casey Veggies
5. Ashes
6. We On
7. Beautiful or Bust
8. Frisco What Up feat. Jay Ughh
9. Blue Champagne feat. Young Murph (produced by Lou Koo)
10. Godspeed feat. Jams F. Kennedy
11. So I’m Cool feat. Young Murph
12. Slow It Down feat. Brian DaMert of Mata Léon

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