Showdown: J. Reyez x Hangman x Tycoon vs D-Pryde

Wiz’s “Black and Yellow” has become the track that rapper’s love to cover/remix. We’ve already had a showdown using this song but since they keep popping up here’s another one. The similarities in the song is to be expected but even the videos have some common elements. I guess that’s what happens when you try to do outdoor scenes in the late fall in Canada (where all the MC’s are from).

In one corner we got J. Reyez, Hangman and Tycoon.

In the other corner is the kid D-Pryde.

So who gets your vote? This one was a little tougher to call for me. On one hand J, Hang & Ty have the more sharply produced video while Pryde had the edge sonically. But in the end I gotta give it to Pryde because he’s years younger than the other team but out shined all of them on the lyrical tip. Plus that scene at the end of Pryde’s video where the kid on crutches is geeking out is kinda epic.

Dope releases from both though. Vote!

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