Manifest Interviews w/ R.O.K. HipHop

Manifest may be in Korea, but he’s definitely not on vacation. If you’ve been wondering what he’s been up to over there you should definitely check out this interview he recently had with R.O.K. HipHop. Thankfully for those who don’t understand Korean, the entire interview was conducted in English with Korean subs. It’s an in-depth watch, split it into two parts, clocking in at 18 minutes and change. They cover a lot of different topics but I’ll shut up and just let you watch it.

2 thoughts on “Manifest Interviews w/ R.O.K. HipHop

  1. watch both parts of the interview homies ,its real good ,i already posted it up on my FB before ,manifest is real good ,he is one of my favs out there,along with lyricks.,mani has been out in korea the past few months,but they even love him out in korea too as he is real dope,alot of my friends back in korea have been checkin out the gigs that manifest played in are very impressed with his performances and his great outlook., i hope he is very suscessful in korea as he real dope !!

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