Gabe Bondoc Sings the Harry Potter Inspired Original – “Lion”

This isn’t the first time singer Gabe Bondoc has written a song based on a fantasy book/movie, with his latest tune being inspired by the Harry Potter series. He calls it “Lion”. Unfortunately for me, this is another franchise that I’ve managed to completely avoid so I get none of the references. But based on the popularity of his Twilight tune, I’m sure this song will do just fine. It’s available for purchase as a digital DL.

“Lion” – Gabe Bondoc

I’m a square peg for a round hole.
I am sunshine. I’m a lighting bolt.
I’m not what anybody thinks I am.

So they’ll try, they try to undermine me,
But I know there’s magic inside me.
I’m not giving up.
I’mnot giving up what’s right.

I’m a fighter.
Bring the fire.
Fighting for the light.

And I’ve got miles to go before I get there.
And I’ve got miles to go before I’m home.
And I’ve got miles to go before I get there.
But I will get there, I know.
But I’ve got miles to go.

If they think I’m gonna get running,
.. then they’ve got another thing coming.
I know what I can do and who I am.

So I’ll push and prove as I’m flying,
.. that I’ve got the heart of a LION.
I’m not, not afraid.. not afraid of the “Dark (Lord)”.


I’ve been changing.
My world’s not what it used to be.
So, I’ll start with my heart.
And know that I am on my way..

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