Jason Chen Shares Big News!

As Jason Chen has worked really hard on covers, he’s finally working on originals of his own!  In 2011, he will be releasing his first original called “Reintroduction”.  Jason let us hear a snippet of his original, I’d have to say it sounds good!  The beat to the song is really up beat but has its soothing sensation.  Over the past year, Jason has worked with a lot of people and will work with more people like J.Reyez, Versatile, Just Kidding Films, Olivia Thai, NineDiamond, and more!  Versatile will be helping Jason a lot with his originals like the song “Reintroduction”.  Hitting over 100,000 subscribers will really help Jason get his originals out to the world!  I hope to see great things from Jason because he working with some talented people.  Be on the look out for his originals in the year 2011!  Make sure you follow a-tunes on Twitter and Facebook or be subscribed to our page to be updated on Jason Chen and much more!

One thought on “Jason Chen Shares Big News!

  1. yes!!! going to make originals !!! jason is a nice guy as i meet him before with jason yang ! i hope he does well and he can expect that i will get it when it comes out

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