Joseph Vincent & Jason Chen(JDC) – Hold My Hand (Cover)

Jason Chen and Joseph Vincent are back at it again with collab #2!  I think they will start a new cover craze.  You guys know what I’m talking about, where every YouTube artist covers the same song.  Let’s just say I think Joseph & Jason’s cover will be one of the best!  The only group I can think that will be able to match theirs will be KurtHugoSchneider, if he chooses the right people.  Anyways where was I, oh yeah I think the video is great!  It’s simple and sweet, they didn’t need a fancy background or anything.  Hey the last cover they did together has over 5 million views, who needs a fancy background?  They sang very well together and harmonized almost perfectly.  You can support them by buying the song off of iTunes here.

One thought on “Joseph Vincent & Jason Chen(JDC) – Hold My Hand (Cover)

  1. nice cover , i like jason chen’s work lately and was glad to have met him before too ,as joseph vincent he does have a good voice both recorded and live on stage as i seen him up there before back in jersey and at other venues. i would rather start hearing more original tracks then covers though ,both artist do have the potential to put out great originals

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