2 Free Songs From Dumbfoundead & Jay Park

I feel like everyone is in a giving and wonderful mood when it comes around the holidays!  Even though, Dumbfoundead is in Korea, he still thinks about his fans on YouTube by giving out 2 free songs for the holidays.  Do you guys remember the song “Clouds” with Jay Park and Clara Chung well they remixed the song and I have to say it sounds okay.  Personally I like the original better because I find the instrumentals to the song is a better fit.  Don’t get me wrong because the instrumentals sound nice but it’s too upbeat for the song.  The other song he gave out for free is called “Hey There”(Make You Proud) by Diji Parq ft. Dumbfoundead.  I’d have to say this song is something I would jam too in my car.  The song gets you in a happy mood, I think it has to deal with the beat to the song.  If you’d like to download the songs, just click the free download link here.

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