Chris Cendana Shares New Original – “The Only Gift I Want”

Singer/song writer Chris Cendana decided to release his first Christmas themed song and it’s called “The Only Gift I Want”. I found the song to be beautifully arranged, and a heartfelt ballad though the lyrics were a bit cheesy. But in all honesty I think it’s hard to pull off a “cool” Holiday love tune. Maybe that’s just me being all cynical and jaded haha. But at the end of it all, I still enjoyed this release… it’s certainly nice to listen to.

Lyrics –
Verse 1:
Some of us tend to get lucky
Some of us tend to get coal
Some of us just want the new toy in the store
Some of us keep on wishing
To find themselves out in the cold
Hoping Santa brings someone to hold

Although I planned to ask St. Nick again
This year, I think I’ll skip the middleman

So would you be mine this Christmas
and make this boy’s wishes come true
I promise to be good for you
So would you be mine this Christmas
to hold you so close to my heart
You are the only gift I want

Verse 2:
Some of us wish for snowflakes
Some of us wish for gold
Some of us wish they remembered what they were told
Some of wish they were faithful
Some need some soup for the soul
Mine is not the kind from the Northern Pole


Pre-Chorus 2:
Millions of boys they make millions of plans
but I only have one, so may I have this dance?


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