MBC Star Audition(위대한 탄생) – Megan Lee

Megan Lee has been in Korea for about a couple of weeks now.  You ask, why is she their well its cause she’s there for an audition called MBC Star Audition.  It’s like American Idol but Korea style.  As Megan sang a small snippet of a Korean song and the judges were really hard on her since Megan’s Korean speaking abilities limited her from pronouncing the words right in her performance  They reminded me of Simon from American Idol but they found it in their hearts and let her pass the audition.  They think she’s capable of learning the words to the song and be a talented singer.  I think she’ll make it far as well if she works hard, she has great talent for such a young age. We’ll see how far she goes, as the auditions go on.

3 thoughts on “MBC Star Audition(위대한 탄생) – Megan Lee

  1. i hope she makes it ,she has been doing well ,she even competed against one of my friends in korea and passed him in the 2nd round ,even he is rooting for megan now as he met her ,GO MEGAN !!

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