Verseatile feat. Jason Chen (JDC) – “If I Ruled” Music Video

Can you say lyrical?  Even though you might not understand the meaning of the song, he’s speaking the truth.  If you don’t get what it means, let me break it down for ya!  Instead of thinking you have control of everything or it’s in you’re rule, think about surrendering everything to God and it’s in his control.  As for the video, I really like the beginning of it because it started out as Verseatile walking on the streets of LA.  Also it was slow motioned which makes you kind of anxious on how it’s going to sound.  The beat to the song is very fitting, it’s not to much or too little.  Sometimes songs need to tone it down a notch.  Also the guest in this song should be very familiar with you guys.  His name is Jason Chen, he never disappoints me with his singing but sometimes I’d like to hear his actual voice sing.

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