J.Reyez x Maribelle Anes x Traphik – I Wanna Be A Star [Official Video]

Who wants to be a star?! I think everyone wants to be someone famous or important when they grow up.  Maribelle Anes, J.Reyez, and Traphik got the chance to work together when they toured out in Australia.  They just didn’t make simple cover but an official music video of an original track!  I know this had something to do with Maribelle tweeting to Traphik on twitter constantly about working together.  You guys might think that’s annoying to do but it shows hustle and hard work for Maribelle.  I mean it really paid off when she made plans cause not only did she work with Traphik, she worked with J.Reyez as well.  This song is something I can hear bumping too in my car really loud.  Also if it was on mainstream music, I could see it being at the top of the list!  I like how they took the advantage of the scene they were at.  Guess what, the song is for free! Download it here!

(Chorus – Maribelle Anes)
I wanna be a star
I want everyone to know
I wanna have the money and the fame and the clothes
I gotta go far
I gotta have shows
All I wanna do is be successful

‘Cause I wanna be a star
I wanna be, I wanna be
I wanna be, I wanna be a star
I wanna be, I wanna be
I wanna be, I wanna be a star

(Verse 1 – J.Reyez)
Yeah and I’ma give it all I got now
I’m heading for the top now, embedded in the plot now
And I won’t stop now, the same expedition
But now I’m more determined for the name and position
Of the top and I rise, that’s my name’s definition
The game is a mission for the same recognition that I been gettin’
And I gotta jump to the next step
Room for improvement, ’cause I ain’t the best yet
I’m just a musician on the rise
My ambition for the prize, no limit to the sky
I’ma keep on trying ’til the day that I die
What I say in my rhymes, is love and it’s honesty
Haters you can hate but you suckas ain’t stoppin’ me
Say what you say but you suckas don’t bother meee
I just had to extend the line
We gonna rise and I’m talking about the friends of mine

(Verse 2 – Traphik)
Now you may say that I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one
I can say when I was 3 is when the prophecy begun
My daddy saw me dancing around the family for fun
Started snapping with the camera, the spotlight on his son
I caught a bug for the stage and the fame
Applause from the audience, they saying my name
I’m on a mission and they saying it’s impossible
It’s really like I’m pissing ’cause my flow is so unstoppable
They’d say I’d never make it ’cause I’m just a silly Asian
To me it ain’t a dream, it’s more like a destination
Eyes on the prize at the end of the line
I know that I’ma get there, it’s a matter of time
Everytime I go out I want TMZ to follow me
Wanna hit the VIP where bottles poppin’ models be
I love my haters so I never let it bother me
‘Cause now I’m making money, mom and daddy look you gotta see

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