Maniac Interviews w/ Half Korean

Some of you may not be as familiar with Maniac, an MC most recently known for being part of the re-incarnated UPT (Uptown) along with Chan & Swings. The group has since dissolved (again) but through this new interview with HK you can learn a little bit about the artist – including his upbringing, family, thoughts & experience with the Korean industry and perhaps most importantly his future work wit Chan in their group New Dynasty. Here’s a sneak peek:

Which of your tracks are you most proud of?
It is actually a track called “Now I Know” and is supposed to release in the next few weeks.

The reason I’m proud of that song is because it is a song that I actually made in the underground with no input from any label owners, producers, etc. Me and Snacky Chan remade it and made it our title song for our new album.

Be sure to catch the rest over at HalfKorean!

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