Jason Chen Releases “Here Am I” MV & Single

The man known as miniachilles aka Jason Chen has just dropped a new single called “Here Am I”, a mid-tempo pop ballad that fits his voice fairly well but could still stand to use just a little more edge. That being said I thought it was an enjoyable listen. The desert setting of the MV fits the theme of the song and are very sharp but lack a little bit of visual variety (the beach scene helped). Jason has definitely come a long way from his early days though.

The single is available on Bandcamp & iTunes for a crisp dollar.

2 thoughts on “Jason Chen Releases “Here Am I” MV & Single

  1. i actually like it as it is a “ORIGINAL” instead of the covers that Jason does, i don’t know why many people are knockin this track for? ,its not bad ,but its not the pop covers that most of the fans fall for! i like it for his originality,if you can do better ,then pick up the mic dudes,not as easy as you think

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