Jason Chen Releases the ‘Gravity’ Album

With the end of the year approaching, Jason Chen has managed to sneak in his debut album, Gravity, in before 2011 comes to a close. The LP includes his collaboration with J. Reyez, Crazed, and Verseatile – “Reintroduction” along with his more recent “Best Friend”, among others. If you’re ready to jump straight into the ‘Music Never Sleeps’ artist, you can stream in full via Spotify or pick up the mp3s for yourself via Amazon & iTunes.

Stream: Spotify

Purchase: Amazon, iTunes

1. Reintroduction (feat. J Reyez, Lil Crazed & Verseatile)
2. Gravity
3. Just For A Moment
4. No Distance
5. Best Friend
6. Curious
7. Violin
8. Solo (Game For Two)
9. Here Am I
10. Music Never Sleeps
11. Best Friend (Chinese)

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