YTF Releases the ‘YTF Christmas Album’

We’re going to have to request a late pass for this one. Earlier this month, multi-talented super group YTF (Ryan, Kev, Chester, Victor, D-Trix, JR and Andrew) released a self titled Christmas album together. The like minded crew of singers, dancers, comedians and more are grasping the opportunity to play off each other’s strengths and entertain their ever-growing audience. The release is a 5 song EP and is available from both Amazon & iTunes.

  1. Ho, Ho, Ho (feat. Ryan Higa, Kev Jumba, Chester See, D Trix, Victor King, Andrew Garcia & Jra)
  2. 4 Your Kisses (feat. Chester See & Victor King)
  3. My Wish List (feat. Kev Jumba, Andrew Garcia & Jra)
  4. Give You My Love (feat. Andrew Garcia & Jra)
  5. Christmas Swag (feat. Ryan Higa & D Trix)

Listen: Spotify

Purchase: Amazon, iTunes


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