YTF Presents the “Christmas Swag” MV

This dropped a few days ago, but better we share it with you late than never right? D-Trix and Ryan Higa of YTF have made a silly music video for their Loney-Island-esque song, “Christmas Swag”, off their self titled Christmas album. Not only that but there are two versions, with the dance version available for your viewing after the break. So by all means, enjoy them both… if you dare.

Cash and Clothes, wrapped in bows
I got all of those.
Christmas Gifts and Perky Lips
Under Mistletoes.
Cookies and Milk, Snow and Balls
Santas got a really big bag
Everybody best be looking at me cus
i got Christmas Swag.

Verse 1:
Rainbow colored lights on the house, I GOT THAT
Heart full of happiness and Cheer, I GOT THAT
Candy Canes, Chocolate Rain, Unicorns and Silly games
Trains and Planes, Champagne to the Brain,
Every little thing I got it, NOPE
I’m Poppin’ bottles of eggnog, SWAG
Singing Christmas Carols with my dad, SWAG
I’m the best, BRAG
Happy Tail, WAG
Buffering and Lo… LAG


Verse 2:
I got a tummy ache from eating all them cookies
But guess what! WHAT?
On a plate, by the tree, Santas gonna be hungry
But if hes ever late, I’m gonna EAT HIS COOKIES
I decorate my House, I decorate the tree
I decorate my Homies, I decorate STEVE
I decorate my Car, I decorate this chair
I decorate the trash, I decorate Decorations

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