Mickey Cho Releases the ‘Joy’ EP

California artist Mickey Cho has dropped a new EP in time for the Holidays called Joy that also serves as a fundraising tool for I Heart Justice, a faith based organization. The 5 track release has a couple collaborations on there with a starting price of $5, though more is accepted. You can check out the album and purchase it via the bandcamp widget below. If you would like to know more about the cause Mickey is supporting, check just after the break for the info.

Starting price at $5 + additional donations.

ALL proceeds will go towards the supporting of three chinese orphans for ten years through I Heart Justice, based in Davis, CA.

What is I Heart Justice?

I Heart Justice is a Christian organization that believes in CHANGE through PRAYER first and foremost, but also CHANGE through ACTION. Moreover, we believe that the biggest injustice in the world today is not the sex trafficking of thousands of young girls and boys in Thailand today nor is it the millions of orphans and homeless dying of hunger in Africa and the Philippines, but we believe the Biggest INJUSTICE is the trafficking of SOULS by Satan today. It is the daily robbing and deception of Satan from the joy, the real and intimate fellowship, the fullness of Life that is ours as Sons and Daughters of the Most High God, our Lord and Savior, Our Heavenly Father. If you are at all interested in joining, supporting, or donating to I ❤ Justice, please feel free to contact us at Choilaw@gmail.com. All proceeds to I ❤ Justice will directly go towards the fundraising efforts for our main project this year which is to support 3 orphans for 10 years each through Compassion International.

Below, you will also find a link to our official I ❤ Justice Garage Sale on Facebook, please check it out if interested.



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