Adam WarRock Shares “Masocore”

Adam WarRock has unveiled another track inspired by his niche hobbies. His latest is called “Masocore” and it utilizes a beat by Danny Baranowsky. Some of you may be familiar with his work from games such as Super Meat Boy and Canabalt. If not, no worries as I imagine you’re not alone. The song may not be an official collaboration but it’s at least partially commissioned by DB himself and it’s got a fun, industrial, lo-fi type of sound to it. You can read a little more about the backstory at WarRock’s blog. DL the song here for free.

Press start, do it again
No continues, no saved games
No second chances, no ways to win
Played this game for hours, stuck here at the end, yo

Cuz I’m a sucker for punishment
When I’m running it
Thumbs is raw and numb when it comes to pain, I’m loving it.
In case you wondering, I asked for it
Looking up Gamfaqs just for tactic tips

And I smashed like every thing in my path
Threw my controller so hard, that it cracked the damn battery pack
And my eyes, outlined in black, my hair is frazzled in fact
Kinda looks like I been smoking some crack

And I am ready and willing and able
To bring every single skill to the table, you know I can’t say no
Faithful since the day of my preteens
Staring at my screen, got me ready to scream


Kill yourself, do it again
Do it again and again and again
I’ve seen this game take lives of the best of men
So if you..stepping in, know it’s best to win

Kill yourself do it again
Do it again and again and again
No sympathy that I’m asking for
That’s the way we do it when we playing MASOCORE

it’s like kick, punch, it’s all in the mind
Stop, find a little place to hide
Jump, shout, lose your mind
Game over, press rewind

I wanna be the guy, that’s still willing to try
In the face of a 1000 spikes in my eye
They like, why, you gotta do this to yourself, eugene?
Aren’t I not human, if they cut, I bleed

Seven minutes to the nth degree,
Already died like twenty times, you really think  you’re testing me?
I got a dark soul, and I’m sitting so still
But I’m still trying to please the queen, like Jill

And I’m in a deep cave, looking straight to heaven
Where I’m climbing up a tower, minutes turn to hours
Hours turn to days, and days turn into weeks
Since When I used to try to save Princess peach

It’s like “V-V-V’s” on my TV screen
with some Syobon Action steady making me weep
And if you can’t stand the heat, then just leave us
Cuz I’m super when I’m beating up Dr. Fetus

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