Snapshot: Traphik on a Billboard for

Traphik x Do Whatever It Takes

Some of you may have seen a billboard of Traphik for a campaign by Virgin Mobile called “DoWhateverItTakes”. Long story short, it’s an awesome initiative meant to encourage the use of social media to help keep kids off the street and put an end to youth homelessness. Of course, the organizers leveraged his sizeable online celebrity status and plastered his face on ads, as you can see above.

His particular campaign is over but you can check out his contribution page here. Here’s the initial fundraising pledge, and the result after meeting the goal – it’s kind of painful to watch but not as bad as it could have been; spoiler – he gets his pubes waxed in the name of charity. Big ups to Timothy DeLaGhetto for using his celebrity likeness for a great cause.

Say Cheese!

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