An Acoustic Performance of “Arms of Love” by Mickey Cho

California rapper Mickey Cho is joined by Sam Cho and Diane Lee for an unplugged rendition of his songs “Arms of Love” from his 2010 album, PTL. This is a pretty dope acoustic performance video though the video is fairly uneventful. Perhaps a wider shot would have helped but it all left me feeling a bit claustrophobic. But the strength of the material is definitely the song itself – “a song portraying the cries of real-life inner city children from Daejeon, Korea”.

Verse 1:

Dear God, my life isn’t normal. In fact, it’s rather tough/
Sometimes I feel like I’m finished, like I’ve just had enough/
While other children get presents and chew on licorice/
I feel and smell the abusiveness and pain of what liquor is/
My father says he loves me, but hits me and leaves these bruises/
On my body, that make me question why does he have to do this/
Why is he so abusive/ What did I do wrong/
Why is my life so tragic/ I need a new song/
My mother’s scared to defend me, she gets it even worse/
Hospitalized so many times, making excuses to the nurse/
The outer pain isn’t anything/ Compared to the many things/
Scarred so deep/ It’s hard to sleep/
It’s hard to keep/ A positive hope, but then at camp/
I saw a drama that depicted You suffering as a man/
You took the suffering’s struggles and drove the rain away/
And made me wonder, God, if You could truly take my pain away/


How could a love like this exist
In a world so cold and damaged?
Only pain and misery is what I sing
Oh God, don’t leave me abandoned!
I never felt the love and care of a father
I never felt the warm embrace of a mother
But through the love of the people You have sent, Lord
I have been embraced by You in Your Arms of Love

Verse 2:

Dear God, my life is deserted, it’s like You bombed it bad/
I’m talking about my mom and dad/
At three, they both were gone, I’m sad/
I’m just an orphan with no place I belong to/
But I wish I had a home, oh God, so desperate, I long to/
A mom to hold on to/ A dad to provide/
A family that i could laugh with, but there’s no one in sight/
Why did they leave me? Why didn’t they want me?
Lord, what is wrong with me/
Why don’t these foster parents ever get along with me/
I’d given up, until at camp, what I felt there/
Maybe you were calling to me, did You send me help there/
Cause all the teachers embraced me and loved me/
Like I was their own child, they would face me and hug me/
And tell me I have a Father who is You, up above/
Who sees me with only love/ It’s hard for me to trust/
But through their love, I know that i could dwell alone in You/
And though this world rejects me, I could always find my Home in You/


Verse 3:

Dear God, I’m looking at my legs, there isn’t anything i feel there/
Why’d You have to make it so my life is in this wheelchair/
Sometimes I think about my life and I get real scared/
If faith is all I need, then Lord, I’m willing to be healed here/
I see the other kids play, I wish that I could too/
Run and jump and not be so stranded right here in front of You/
My days are lonely, it’s been this way and I’m sick of it/
But yesterday was a little different now that I think of it/
There was a teacher, while others played with the other kids/
Who stood by me throughout the whole day just like my brother did/
He kept on talking and playing with me/ And saying to me/
I’m precious in God’s eyes, Why is he staying with me/
When no one at this camp would even pass a stare at me/
Why does he still care for me/ Why’d he cry a prayer for me/
I’ve never felt a love like this and it’s uplifted me/
Is this the way Your heart is when You think of me? God?

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