Lil Crazed Features on “In Paris” (Remix) for Young Blaze

The Midwest’s Lil Crazed featured for an artist named Young Blaze, on a beat that samples “Niggas in Paris” by Jay-Z & Kanye. They turn up the speed just a little bit for a pretty entertaining Hip-Hop track. It’s a rather short listen but the footage of the recording process helped to keep things interesting. You can follow along with the lyrics after the break.

(Young Blaze)
Im a flow so hard till im M.i.a
how i push myself like im in my way
take a breather from the heater nigga then i spray
like im super phyco-kotic from the pen i lay
a word smtih concurred with
how the way i flip a track i make em turn quick
i can spit it drastic fast,
the way i pass they ass,
the suicidal title how i burn shit
it dont matter how u chatter nigga catch yo breath
but the chatter of the matter u should watch yo step
with the feelin of rhythm hit em the block go deaf
i can take it where eva nigga im hot to def
(with Nitro, a tight flow, im pcyho, i plays it sick,
i take a track, lace a track, blaze it back like this)
1 hundred million niggas talk shit
i dont give a fuck about nothin how i rap im bout to go and hit the button
we can take it to another type of way of repercussion how im shuttin niggas down niggas runnin steady duckin
hit the ground now since u know the way im gone be comin
come around town if you really wanna get in somethin
come around clown hope u know a nigga wont be bluffin
say it loud now this the type of shit they gone be lovin

(Lil Crazed)
~flow so hard, that shit cray, aint it blaze?
flow so hard, what they order, Lil Crazed,
flow so hard, your flow so cold, i know it mang,
flow so hard, act like you aint ever seen one of my motherfuckin youtube plays,
UGK, i’m a king from the underground,
and when i come around, i bring another sound,
that’ll make it bump, face it chump, i’m in it to get it till all my days are up,
so fuck ya roster and fuck ya posture, i’ma mothafuckin killa mothafuck ya doctor,
i’ma monster boy, beast with the flow shit,
against abortions, that’s because i’m PRO, kid,
go harder than all of you motherfuckers that offer nothing but ruckus,
costing me nothing but too much time,
and all that hating you doing, aint fazing the movement,
STOMP on you FRUITS, all you do is WINE,
you and i, aint nothing similar,
cuz i don’t act like i came from a cinema,
i’m that iller spitter finna finish the competition now get familiar with the name of my signature

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