The Songs of Faith Youtube Round-Up 5/8/12

Music is a powerful tool as any for expression, and what better aspect of life to express than one’s faith? That’s what the following group of musicians decided to do, covering songs by Vineyard, Shane & Shane, Laura Story, Hillsong and more. Jeremy Passion, Cathy Nguyen, Jayesslee, Arden Cho, Esther Lee and Erin Kim use the gifts they were blessed with to bless others. The first two clips in particular have fantastic harmonies.

Jeremy Passion x The Katinas Cover “Refiner’s Fire” by Vineyard

Cathy Nguyen x Jayesslee Cover “There is None Like You” (Shane & Shane version)

Arden Cho Covers “This is Our God” by Hillsong

Esther Lee Covers “What a Savior” by Laura Story

Erin Kim Covers “Set a Fire” by United Pursuit

Erin Kim Covers “Abba” by Jonathan David Helser

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