Triangle Offense x Ryan Bandong Release “Eyes Open”

We heard/saw the teaser a month ago, and today brings us the official drop of “Eyes Open” from the upcoming The First Love. This is a collaborative joint by Triangle Offense and Ryan Bandong (of Mitchell Grey fame). It’s a pretty decent radio-friendly single that’s representative of TO’s general eclectic style. It’s also good to hear all three of the Triangle Offense on the track, as one of them is typically missing in action due to educational obligations. DL the song for free, here.


Ryan Bandong
Your eyes were open when I kissed you
I wanna know what’s on your mind
But I’m finding it so hard to forget you
I wanna know that you are fine

Sci & Bry
What it do, what it does, girl?
Hey, what it do, what it does?
What it do, what it does, girl?
Hey, what it do, what it does?
What it do, what it does, girl?
Hey, what it do, what it does?
What it do, what it does, girl?
Hey, I wanna know where you was…

Verse: Sci
Hey! Where you was at?
I had to bring the bass and the drum track
Sorry for the wait, now you can bump that, girl
I had to see your face, so I’ve come back (word)
I’ve run back here, back up in the place
Where we were last year, a little conversation
I sparked right here, that’s the same place
I whispered in her ear (yea, right here)
Yea, my dear and where we left off
A kiss, that was all, no words from then on
I never forgot you, the thoughts just kept on
‘Til I got the nerve to confront you (tell all)
Spilling the guts, oh, it’s gotta be love, yo
I wanna know if you and I can ever be us though
…you don’t gotta rush though
Trust me, I’ll wait till you wanna come back home, oh


Verse: Pwol
See, unlike them, she a different breed
Which makes her a little bit hard to read
Said she didn’t have much time for me
‘Cause she was on a one way back to he
But he wasn’t there, so naturally
I took her by the hand rather passively
And asked when she would come back to me
She laughed, said, “Why you asking me?”
With a chance we’d part and never meet
With hearts too far and beyond our reach
And I agree with what you speak
But I don’t say anything I don’t mean
So you should go, it’s almost 3
You wasted enough of your time with me
She said, “Can I ask you before I leave…
Would you mind having one last dance with me?”


Bridge: Sci & Ryan
She’s heard it all before, hurt and all before
But I’m not like them
Whatever’s mine is yours, home designer floors
You could walk right in
She’s been involved with all sorts of kinds before
But not like this
She’s dreamed it all before, never thought at all
This is the life we live

Verse: Bry
…I long for the day
The one where I hope you could come my way
I remember that night, how your man deserted you
You made me feel like I was the man you deserved, boo
‘Cause you let me touch you in ways that you never would
And us together was a dream that I never could
Fathom, said you were a beauty, you replied
I was handsome, so baby, can we make this a tandem?
Leave me for him, no need for the heartache
Just leave me with the lights and the dark stage
Kiss on the lips, then we part ways
But your eyes open is how my heart breaks
‘Cause I’ll never know what thought you were thinking
Capture a moment to remember, no flinching
But why your eyes resisted to blinking
Is a pain I refuse to let sink in

Eyes Open (feat. Ryan Bandong)
(P. Cruz, B. DeCastro, P. Buensuceso, J. Maffei)
Produced by Nemobeatz & Sci of Triangle Offense
Recorded at The Req Room by Jesse Gladstone
Mixed and Engineered by Jesse Gladstone
Contains excerpts of “Funky President (People It’s Bad)” by James Brown

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