Adam WarRock Releases Two New EPs – ‘OXFRD CMMA’ & ‘La Boheme’

Despite just getting off tour recently, Adam WarRock has undoubtedly stayed busy. We’ve got two new projects to share with you from the Hip-Hop artist. The first is OXFRD CMMA, his joint EP with Vince Vandal.

OXFRD CMMA is their end-or-summer EP, with music heavily sampled from Vampire Weekend’s debut album. The five song EP is meant to be a fun, upbeat collection of tunes where the artists got to kick back and enjoy themselves a little bit. It’s available for free from Bandcamp.

A 5-track album made from the beats of Vampire Weekend’s debut album. It’s the appropriate end-of-summer EP to the bouncy, indie-alt stylings of everyone’s favorite band that has ever sung a song about oxford commas.

The second EP we have is called La bohème. The concept album is based of the opera of the same name, with each of the four tracks corresponding to the four acts, with music being used in each instrumental. You can download La Boheme for free, here.

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