Joseph Vincent Drops Debut Album – ‘Blue Skies’

It’s a bit astonishing to realize that Youtube star Joseph Vincent hasn’t actually dropped an album yet. But it’s the truth, that is until right now. Yep, his debut album, Blue Skies is now available on iTunes and should follow suit via other distributors in the coming hours. Of course, a number of singles that we’ve heard from the past year or so have made it onto the tracklist, totaling 11 in all. Let us know what you think!

Purchase: Amazon, Google PlayiTunes

1. Roller Coaster Ride
2. S.A.D. (Single Awareness Day)
3. Blue Skies
4. Set You Free
5. Heartbreak Girl
6. Bumble Bee
7. Never Coming Home
8. If You Stay
9. My Queen
10. Sweet Talk
11. When You’re in Love

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