Dumbfoundead Presents ‘Take the Stares’

And here we are, friends. It’s officially the 16th (at least on the East Coast), and that means Dumbfoundead‘s latest album, Take the Stares, is starting to become available via various digital retailers. Keep checking back on the links becaues they should all go live by the end of the night. If you’ve been waiting for his first full-length solo album since DFD almost a year ago, then today should be a pretty exciting day for you.

Purchase: Amazon, Google PlayiTunes, Online Store

[Update] Check this promo MV!

1. Stairs Intro
2. S.C.R.A.M
3. New Chick
4. 10 Rounds ft. Nina Katsuya
5. Growing Young
6. Wine ft. Breezy Lovejoy
7. FCK IT ft. MURS, Breezy Lovejoy, & Nina Katsuya
8. Korean Jesus
9. It’s Not You ft. David Choi
10. Drinking Alone ft. Breezy Lovejoy
11. Word

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