Rocky Sandoval Releases “The Fight” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

On Fire Entertainment vocalist, Rocky Sandoval, has decided to release a new single called “The Fight (K.N.O.E.)” in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October). It’s an inspirational song and can be streamed either via Youtube or Spotify and is available for purchase from iTunes. Check after the YT clip for some additional words from Rocky on the song and it’s bigger purpose.

Purchase: iTunes

I am proud to present my newest song ‘The Fight’. As you know, the month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness month which was one of the many factors on why I felt in my heart to make a song like this. I hope this song hopefully serves not only those effected by breast cancer, but by cancer in general. My only wish is that this song will inspire those amazingly brave individuals, much the way they’ve inspired me. To the friends and family who stand behind their loved ones effected by breast cancer and joined the ‘fight’; my hats off to you. I have had family and friends both win and lose the ‘fight’, but one underling message always stood; it didnt matter how hard cancer directly effected you or your loved one, nothing strengthens hope, faith, and positivity more than a simple smile. And just by smiling you have begun the ‘fight’. My name is Rocky Sandoval and I too joined the fight against breast cancer. Cheers.

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