Hopie Spitshard Shares the “Heartbeats” MV

The latest from Bay area rapper, Hopie Spitshard, is a joint called “Heartbeats”, off the Sugar Water project. She’s teamed up with Dutton Films again for the music video, with the song using a sample from a track of the same name by The Knife. HS has never been one to drop a typical rap MV, and this one continues that trend. If you’re diggin’ the song, you can DL it for free from SoundCloud.

Directed & edited by: David Dutton

From the album, Sugar Water
Produced by Hopie and Revilo Music of Supernaut HQ
Written by Hopie
Performed by Hopie
Mixed and Mastered by Revilo Music of Supernaut HQ
“Heartbeats” contains portions of “Heartbeats” by The Knife
(c) 2012

Directed by David Dutton of Dutton Films

Director of Photography
Fernando Camarena

Produced by David Dutton and Hopie

Head Costume Designer
Geneive Jaramilla

Styling by
Geneive Jaramilla and Viet-Thi Ta of Step HEAVVY
Xela Gaerlan of Shewolves

Hair Stylist
Geneive Jaramilla of Step HEAVVY

Head Make-up Artist
Viet-Thi Ta of Step HEAVVY

Assistant Make-up Artist
Anh-Thu Tran



Julius Arriola as Ex-Boyfriend

Guru Bernadette Lumba as Kali Fighter
Kali Guro
Special appearance by Baby Dahlia (It’s a girl!)

DJ Ry Toast as Yogi
Shewolves/BabyPaw Crew
Teacher and Student at Funky Door Yoga, SF, and Bikram Yoga, Petaluma

Kirstina Sangsahachart as Muy Thai Fighter
Gee Yung Martial Arts
Special Assistance by Evic

Hendrick “Hesh” Hueck as Skateboarder

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