Dumbfoundead Drops the “New Chick” MV

Dumbfoundead continues the promotions for his latest album, Take the Stares. In the new joint, he’s looking for a “New Chick”, and you can watch along with the accompanying music video. Perhaps most interesting of all, you can see Dumb as a hippie, a goth, a redneck, a boxer, a corporate suit, and a lot more along with a whole cast of women. You can find the full cast and credits list after the break.

Directed by Casey Chan

Music produced by Duke Westlake – Follow @dukewestlake

Jackie, Pandy, Anne Asland, Nadia, Atheer Alghamdi, Francis Kim, Esther Mo, Sophia Wang, Amia Miley, Anthony Matzy, Bobbi Dean, Lexi Diamond, Lux Luxiboo, Hedy Wong, Annie Nguyen, Stephanie Fone, Brianna J. Garcia, and Bianca Rhoades.

A special thanks to Daniel, Tiffany Del Real, Brendan Lamb, Bobabear, TZ Enterntainment, and KTown Boxing Club!

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