Kollaboration Launches the Kollaboration Star 2012 Reality Show Competition

This year, Kollaboration has a master plan where the winners from all the regional shows have an opportunity to take it a step further and compete against one another in Kollaboration Star 2012. The event takes 6 finalists, that are selected via your votes, to compete in a grand finale in November where the ultimate winner will perform at the Mnet music awards in Hong Kong! The first episode debuted last week (which you can view below). This is a huge opportunity for all the Kollab finalists and looks to give the winner an unprecedented experience.

Mnet America’s latest reality series – Kollaboration Star 2012 – is a six-episode talent competition where viewers will vote online to send 6 talented finalists to compete in the Grand Finale show and prove that they have what it takes. The winner will attend the Mnet Asian Music Awards held in Hong Kong on NOVEMBER 30TH!! Make one person’s dream come true!

Episode 1 Part 1- Learn about what Kollaboration is and why it has been the epicentre of the Asian American entertainment movement for over a decade.

To find out more on the reality series competition, read up on the FAQ, here. You can also purchase tickets to the finale, here!

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